Give Thanks

Will you pray for me? I have a lot of ideas that I’d like to share. I started to say “good ideas,” but who am I to judge? But I just don’t take the time to record them. I think it’s sloth. That isn’t a virtue.

Giving thanks. Have you read my last two posts? Glance at them and notice that both involve my home water system.

It’s out again. Looks like I’m going to have to pull the pump this time. Sigh. But that’s another blog post. Maybe I’ll just write it in a minute.

This one is about giving thanks to God. I don’t think we can do it enough, but I have a proposal about how we can do it more: every time you use water, pause and thank God for who He is, for the life He has given you, and for his eternal love for you as expressed in his incarnation as Jesus, the Messiah, the Word made flesh.

Here’s an experiment. See how long you can go without using water – any water.

This is a shorthand description of my actions and thoughts over the past couple of hours this morning. Forgive the incomplete sentences and bad grammar, please…

Our water is dead. No water. I awoke at 3:30 this morning thinking about my course of action for the day. Will my neighbor let me connect to his well temporarily? Do I pull the pump myself, or hire it done? Who could I get to come help me? Where is that hose that I can run over to Mark’s?

So I got up, and I went outside to find the hose. Is it next to the garage under all those wet leaves? Nope. Digging in them with my hands surely left them dirty. Ah. Maybe it’s out by the garden shed. Yep. Drag it up front. Hands are dirtier still, since it’s been lying out there for a couple of years. Now there’s gunk under my fingernails. Dipped my hands in the pail under the garage gutter downspout, then wiped them on a red rag in the garage. Kinda clean. Oh! Look – a gallon of spring water! Thank you, Lord! Bring it in to the kitchen.

At some point a bit earlier I decided to brew some coffee, since I was up and going to stay up. Oh, wait. No water. Duh.

Now I have some water, I can brew that coffee. While the water is heating, I drink a bit of the spring water. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted anything so good in all my life.

Making coffee… I use a French press. It has yesterday’s grounds in it, and a little liquid. Normally I dump it into the compost bucket and then rinse it under the kitchen faucet. No water. How am I going to clean it out? OK – wipe it with a paper towel. Good enough.

The water is boiling, ready to pour. Pour it into the press and stir. Now, rinse the grounds off the spoon and put it back in the drainer. Oh. There’s no water. Rinse it with the drip of left-over hot water. Steep the coffee for four minutes. Pour. Add sugar and cream and stir – with that spoon. This time I just lick the spoon and put it back in the drainer.

In the course of about 15 or 20 minutes, I had started to use water that wasn’t there about 6 or 7 times. Do I take a ready, almost unlimited supply of clean, fresh water for granted? You betcha! Should I? I think not. If you’ve ever traveled into the third world, you know this. Romania? Dominican Republic? Haiti? Congo? Water is precious.

So now, for a little while at least, each time I turn a tap on or flush, I’m going to pause and thank God for that water, and for Him. I don’t think it will be too often.

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