Amazing – “the Wisdom of God”

I got up early (well, earlier than usual) this morning to exercise a little and to read My Utmost for his Highest. My day just seems to be on a better plane when I start of like this. Reckon why that is?

Anyway, the on-line MUfHH has a read-through-the-Bible-in-a-year link at the end of each day. Today it was Leviticus 15-16 and Matthew 27. I groaned when I saw the Leviticus, knowing how full of archaic rules it is. But today! Read the first 10 verses and tell me what you see? Do you realize that in the 18th and even 19th centuries, Europeans had no idea where disease was coming from? They thought stuff, like tadpoles in mud puddles, came “ex nihilo” – out of nothing. And yet here in Leviticus, God is giving the Israelites instructions for dealing with sick people (those with discharges). Keep them away from others. Wash stuff they touch. Anyone who touches them needs to wash up afterwards and stay away from others. Well. Duh.

Maybe I should be reading God’s word a bit more regularly. No telling what sort of wisdom I will encounter.


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