Sunday Morning Salon

This is the place where we will post reading / viewing / listening materials for the Fellowship of Christ Youth Sunday Morning Salon.

Sunday Morning Salon

For all “Youth” ages 13 and over.

Sunday Mornings 11:00 – 11:45. (After attending first church!)

Purpose & Goals

You are a missionary ” – right here. You are a “stranger in a strange land.” And our culture and society is increasingly hostile to you and your beliefs and standards of behavior. If you are to be an effective witness for the hope that lives within you, you must equip yourself, be prepared. I want to help you grow in your love of God and your neighbor, and equip you to speak and display the Truth winsomely, especially when it gets really tough in a couple of years “out there.”

We will pursue that deeper relationship with God and more loving attitude towards our neighbors by developing a deeper understanding of what we believe and why we believe it. Jesus is “the way, the Truth, and the life.”? What does it mean, really? How can we be sure? This time together will give you that deeper assurance, address your own doubts, and equip you to stand when you are buffeted by the increasing intolerance of our culture towards you. No subject will be taboo.


Each Sunday you will receive a short reading/viewing/listening assignment for the following week. It will be a topical study – what’s in the news, what the pressing issues are, what questions you are grappling with, rather than using a fixed curriculum. All serious questions are welcome, and they will guide our path together. I will guide our discussion with questions for you.


What about regular Sunday School? We will break in time for it. This is a “second lesson” that does not replace normal Sunday School. This is voluntary and optional.

What if I don’t do the reading? Well, shame on you! (Just kidding!) The short time we spend together will be much more meaningful if you come prepared. Everyone is welcome to join us. That said, this time is designed for those who want to seriously pursue a deeper relationship with God and our neighbors. We will devote our time to the topic at hand, giving time elsewhere for getting caught up and playing around together.

Where will I get the assignment for the next week if I miss a Sunday? You can always get them via email by calling or texting me (919-500-9793, We will also post the materials on-line

Topics in the Pipeline:

  • What do we believe? The essentials of our faith.
  • What about the Bible? Is it really “the word of God”?
  • “Isms” in our land: secularism, humanism, hedonism, existentialism, pragmatism, naturalism” and their impact on society at large
  • Topical issues: marriage and family, sexual mores, homosexuality, abortion, what drives public policies?
  • History” Why do we believe the way we do? Why do atheists believe what they believe.
  • “Faith versus science”
  • Logic and reasoning.


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