The Whole Dichotomy in One Simple YouTube Video – Ross Douthat and Bill Maher

For discussion this morning – an excellent dialogue between a very articulate Christian apologist – Ross Douthat, and a very popular spokesman for the secular media and mind – Bill Maher. Douthat has come into the national limelight with the publication of his most recent book – Bad Religion: How We Became a Nation of Heretics

This video is also on my YouTube playlist, which you should bookmark —

I can stop this video about 20 times and point out the assumptions of the secular mind that, upon careful inspection/reflection are false, or at least very flawed. This short video reveals so much of the secular mind. As you watch, pay attention to the audience’s reactions. (Douthat actually gets some applause late in the conversation, but not much compared to Maher’s.) Let’s talk about it.

Readings for next week:

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