Shirey’s Irrefutable Laws of Gardening

I have a lot of laws. These are not prescriptive laws, like “Speed Limit 55,” but rather descriptive laws, like the law of gravity. They are observed phenomena – things I’ve noticed as being true for everyone in all situations. These are those laws about gardening that I’ve observed over the past 30 years of doing a wee bit of it myself…

  • To really enjoy gardening, spend a little time in the garden each morning (or evening).
  • Perfect yards are owned by retired people.
  • Think of it (gardening) as “playing in the yard.”
  • Martha Stewart.
    • ..has a big staff
    • and professional photographers
    • Taken from the right angle and cropped well, a picture of your garden can look as good as hers!
  • Start small. Stay small. It’s easy to build beds. It becomes dauntingly time-consuming to maintain them. Kinda takes the fun away.
  • There’s no such thing as “too low maintenance” for a plant. Think native.
  • Kneel, don’t stoop. Your back and your knees will thank you.
  • Tools…
    • The right tool can make a hard job easy, and an impossible job possible.
    • Cheap tools are worth every penny.
    • Generally, so are expensive ones.
    • No tool works as well as advertised. Actually, good tools can work surprisingly well.
    • You’ll need a shed to store them. The more tools, the bigger the shed.
  • Weeds – well now, that’s a whole ‘nother post

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