I’ve always had trouble with deadlines, and the FOC newsletter publishing deadlines just seem to loom large over me month after month, so, in an effort to communicate regularly with my friends at FOC, and to get rid of those pesky deadlines, I”‘m going electronic-only in this blog.

I will be writing my thoughts and observations here, and I invite and encourage you to join the discussion – that’s something we cannot do in the newsletter. Sign up to be notified when I add a thought.

So welcome to all!

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  • John, God puts us or should I say allows us times ti share his love to others. I have been in numerous situations where I can share the gospel and have not. Then there are times where the door is opened and the Holy Spirit just pushes me through it. I then remember it is “good news” and my heart is so grateful for what the Lord has done for me that I cannot do anything but open my mouth and share the Lord’s goodness. Why is it sometimes and not all the times? I think it is more “fear of man” instead fo gratefullness from me! The more I read the gospels and put myself right in there, the more I love the Lord and the more I want to share him with others. As I look at all my problems in living in this world, the more I desire to be more like my Lord. Humbly I have so far to go, but the Lord knows my heart. How I love him so! I have been there brother and it is just time to get back up and put the lost or blown oppertunity behind and go and seek the lost and remember that God’s word never returns void, you have planted the seed! I am looking forward to reading you messages.

    Your Brother in Christ,
    Kevin M.

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